Tuesday, August 23, 2011



Day Two at Kopan Monastery

Today I let myself sleep in until just before breakfast. I slept quite well last night, which may in part account for how up I felt all day. In any case, I went to breakfast somewhat groggy, as I usually feel when I’m just waking up, and disliking the heavy, overcast and wet feeling that greeted me. Afterwards, I walked around a bit, eventually ending up back IMG_7454at my room, where I stretched and read a book for a little bit. Eventually, I showered. The hot water is solar-heated, making morning a bad time for a hot shower. I got about a minute of hot, before the water cooled to a just-bearable temperature. It woke me up, anyway!

At ten, I went to the main meditation hall. There was no one else there, not even tourists, for a full hour. Then, a couple led by a Nepali man came in, snapping pictures and talking in what seemed to me rude, loud voices. They saw that I was trying to meditate but that didn’t seem to bother their conversation (or volume) in the least. I stuck it out, though, because the hour and a half of quiet in the morning is turning out to be quite nice. I attempted meditation for about half an hour and then just let my mind work. I had some good, serious thinks about a few things that were on my mind, and it felt really good.

IMG_7455Lunch was again tasty and filling. After, I went to the internet café. It was drizzling rain, so I spent an hour chatting with friends and e-mailing. More stretching and reading followed, and chatting with the Swedish couple. After dinner, as I was helping do the dishes, I met Sarah, a forty year old Australian woman who has recently completed yoga instructor certification. We got to talking and I found that she is a really positive, intense lady. I hope we get a chance to chat more tomorrow, although she’s taking a course so she may not be free until the evening.

All day I felt kind of happy, light, even a little ebullient. It was a nice feeling and I really hope it continues!


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