Saturday, October 2, 2010

Things I Meant to Do

So I had some great ideas of what September would be like, back in August. I would come stay with my parents, relax, take care of last minute travel details, and then lazily enjoy North Carolina. Some of that has come true. Here are some plans of mine that did NOT happen as planned, or at all:

1. Walk two or three miles several times a week. I did this for the first week I was at my parent's house and then not one single time since.

2. Complete all trip planning by the week before departure, so that my last week would be chill. Hah! Today I bought a few things I need and tomorrow I'm meeting a guy selling a cell phone that should work overseas with sim cards. Sunday will probably see me buying last minute items too!

3. Pack at least twice before the final packing, to ensure everything fits. Well, I tossed everything in my pack and freaked out last week, when it didn't all seem to fit. I'm hoping to "practice pack" tomorrow (technically today, but it's still Friday in my head), which will most likely result in unpacking, discarding many things, then repacking.

4. Lose weight and be in shape for the trip. While I may not have gained much weight, I certainly haven't lost any.

Ah, well. It was a relatively good day today. I spent it driving around with my mom, checking out a few last (I hope!) items for the trip: bug spray (at least 20% DEET and preferably time release, according to the travel doc), Permethrin spray (to treat clothes for tick/bug repelling), travel dressy pants, etc. I bought the first two, decided against the third, and bought some Cliff bars to stuff in my pack as "just in case" food.

Two more days here in the US of A, and then it's time to explore the world.

Look out! I'm coming!


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