Friday, February 13, 2015


It's 6:19am and I'm awake. Well, technically, I'm awake. In a few minutes I'll set out to pick up my carpool buddies, head to the fifth Friday of A-100, and remain as attentive as possible during the day's usual insane schedule. And then, at 3:30pm, after friends and family of more than seventy professionals have gathered in a room in Arlington...

Then, I will find out my first overseas Foreign Service posting. In honor of my schizophrenic mood this morning, a poem:

A Jumble

I want to run and jump and shout!

I want to run and hide and cry.

Excitement, thrill, intensity, anticipation,

Fear, apprehension, unease, dry-mouth.

New friends and colleagues around me,

Old friends and family left behind.

Overlaying everything:

passion adventure dreams.

More in approximately twelve hours...


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