Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Two Weeks to Go!

It's two weeks until I start off for my big trip. Two weeks! That's so weird. A few months ago, I figured that my four weeks at home would feel like forever (not in a bad way), but it's just been flying by, really.

Yesterday was an incredibly productive day. I went to the UPS store to fax a few health insurance related documents. Next up was going to AAA to pick up my Korean, Hong Kong and Thai cash that I'd ordered last week.

After the faxes, we drove a short distance to my mom's bank, where we got a Power of Attorney form notarized for free! This was to allow my mom to sign checks sent to me (I'm still expecting my cable company return and my rent return check, but they'll probably arrive after I leave) and deposit them in my bank account.

Then it was off to Public Health, where I impatiently waited for ten minutes at the "registration window," then walked around the corner to Door 3 to complete my registration, then ambled over to Window B to hand in my shot records, and finally waited for half an hour, which was punctuated by getting called up to Window B a couple of times for clarifications, payment, etc. I was there for the last of my Hepatitis B shots. It cost me $51 and an hour of waiting, but finally that was done.

The next stop was over at my doctor's office to pick up my "letter of need," which was sealed formally in a blank envelope and sealed with the doctor's stamp. This letter is in case of border or customs agents questioning my prescriptions. Also, I asked the doc if she'd prescribe me Cipro, a wide-spectrum antibiotic that many travelers take with them to fight the various bugs that afflict them. The answer, unfortunately, was no, since it's too powerful and I have no condition that requires it. Ah, well. It was a good try!

So that was yesterday! Pretty good. I'm heading to Miami this weekend to visit with family, and although I was worried at first that I'd spend the whole time agonizing over travel-prep stuff, I don't think that will be the case now. The things I have left to do are pretty simple and I'm confident that by October 4th, I'll be ready to go.

And if not, it'll just have to get handled abroad!


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