Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Nice Day

Quick note: I've edited the packing list spreadsheet to remove the prices.

Today was a nice day! It was a slow start, but eventually dad and I headed to Eno River State Park. We'd heard from one of the vendors at CenterFest, a local art festival, that there was a sort of "water hole" further back than the usual swimming places, so we went on the hunt for it! Turns out it wasn't too hard to find, with a bit of research done beforehand on the internet. We took the "long" way on the way out to the spot, which was maybe three quarters of a mile, probably a bit less. There were three fishermen... and us! We sat and admired the view for awhile before politely telling the closest fishermen that we were going to swim. He told us not to worry about him; honestly, it didn't look like he was having much luck anyway.

Dad being silly by the watering hole.
The water was wonderful! It was a warm day and it felt like high humidity, so even that short hike had us sweating a little bit. The ground was rocky but we managed to to make our way out pretty easily. We swam for about half an hour, checking depths and figuring that the deepest place was only about twelve feet deep. The fishermen kept asking us where the deepest parts were, which was funny. One of them caught a catfish, but it was small and he let it go.

All in all, it was a gorgeous day. I tested out my new travel towel and it worked well enough. We hiked back on a more direct path and headed home. After a good shower and some downtime on the computer (which is when I first saw the "Where the Hell is Matt" blog and video, linked earlier today), we all headed over to my brother's house to watch "Up," which I'd never seen before. He'd hooked up his new 47" LCD TV with an HDMI cable and good DVD player, plus he'd calibrated it all, so the image was awesome. What a sniffly movie!

Then it was home for a nice dinner: roasted chicken, orange-glazed carrots and corn on the cob. Mmmmm!

Yesterday, I submitted my last Air Force compensation paperwork (for moving some of my stuff to NC from DC) online, and I also sent in the correct form to obtain an absentee ballot for Minnesota, where I'm a resident.

Today, I printed out my Prescription Home Delivery forms and I'll put everything together today to send it out by mail.

Things are looking good! I head to Miami on Friday for a quick visit to my grandmother and other family and friends there, and I'll return next Monday. At that point, there'll be just ONE WEEK LEFT! I'm feeling ready, though... mostly.

Yahoo! The excitement is mounting!


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  1. Hey Zoe! We're looking forward to keeping up with your travels. And it sounds like your last few weeks are really coming along! Enjoy these moments, even if it starts to get hectic and even when your "to do" list starts growing instead of shrinking. There's nothing quite like the feeling you'll have before embarking on a RTW trip! :)