Friday, April 20, 2018

A New Year, A New Adventure

Happy 2018 and, as is becoming a distressing recurring phrase, sorry for not writing for so long!

Last I wrote was September 2017. I was in Mali making new friends, raising my pup Jacques, and looking at my last six months at post. To kick off restarting blog posts, here are some highlights from September '17 until today. Enjoy!

September: Trip to Ghana for work and a little play!

October: Trip to Morocco with good friends!

November: Time well spent in Bamako, celebrating Thanksgiving and lots of walking and hiking with Jacques.

December: Work trip to Conakry, Guinea, plus taking pictures in my Bamako neighborhood.

January 2018: Enjoying the dry "cool" weather on some hiking trips in/around Bamako.

February: Several Bamako photo safaris and a road trip to Dakar!

March: Saying Goodbye (last photo safari and some random pictures)

April: Home leave, relaxing in Durham, NC, watching spring spring.

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