Saturday, February 9, 2013

Brief Summary, Starting Up Again


All right, so three months have gone by … apologies! Guess I needed a break from writing; or maybe writing needed a break from me. Either way, time to start up again!

What have you missed? Not a lot, to be honest. Here’s a quick recap:

December: Sinus and ear infections knocked me down right at the beginning, letting up just enough for me to enjoy a brief weekend visit with my grandmother in Miami. Although energy levels stayed low, I enjoyed a serendipitous new year’s eve, wherein I was reunited with my old dresser at a friend’s college friend’s party; he’d bought it from me as I was leaving DC last time.

January: Seeing a new podiatrist relieved much of my foot pain, which although not a 100% gone is vastly improved. Energy level spiked back up mid-month, prodding me to get out and bike absurd distances (much to my bum’s distress).

February: Drop in energy level coincides with head-cold symptoms again.

Sure, there’s been more than just this, but that’s a basic review of the last quarter year. I can’t quite believe we’re in the second month of 2013 already. As I try to kick this latest of bugs I can feel an inner prodding to go DO things, be active and social and busy. I can feel myself becoming sedentary, since health, weather and feet have conspired to keep me from walking much.

Themes for 2013:

  • Figure it out (“"it” changing depending on my mood, but most often meaning life, love and the pursuit of happiness)
  • Choices (veganism; consumer responsibility; locovore habits; life directions)


Work goes well, keeps me busy and paid. Family goes well, with happy parents, funny brother and long-lived grandparents. Soul-searching goes on, and on, and on, seemingly with no end or resolution.

And writing – well, this is the first writing I’m doing in awhile; hopefully it is the beginning of a trend!



  1. Welcome back! good to read a new post. I hope you continue to enjoy writing.

  2. Thanks dad! I hope so too... need to get back in the habit!