Sunday, July 17, 2011

Guest Blogger: Derek Treuer

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Note: Pictures associated with this post and taken by my parents Derek and Elissa Treuer can be found in the picture album titled “Israel: Guest Blogger Derek Treuer.” To best view the pictures, click on the link, then double-click on the first picture. From here, you just use the arrows to go through the pictures and see the captions. There are three albums: Israel Friends, 1st Week with Paula and Mutzi, 2nd Week with Devorah and Noa. Take a look!


My trip to Israel in May 2011 quickly became a fascinating journey with the friends we visited. Paula and Mutzi in Nahariya, Gabi and Rachel in Haifa, and Devorah and Noa in Jerusalem. So many friendly and delightful people! Add in our happy reunion with Zoë for the last week and you have a wonderful mix of perspectives.

And, I found, lots of perspective is required for being in Israel. Seems like every person has at least one or two opinions, every place has at least a millennium or two of history, and every situation has an unending number of interpretations. Facets upon dimensions upon eras ... and all of it wrapped up in a beautiful country.

We were in Israel for 2 most interesting and engrossing weeks. I'll be thinking over my impressions and experiences for much longer than that ...

--Derek Treuer

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