Friday, April 15, 2011

Another Quickie


Hey everyone! This is just a quick update. I’m now in Kathmandu and have had a good day and a half to be completely overwhelmed by how different everything here is from anywhere I’ve yet been. It’s incredible!

Tomorrow, early, I leave to fly to Lukla with my friend Jan, and we’ll start our trek to Everest Base Camp immediately upon arrival. Our trek should last about sixteen days and I will not be bringing my computer with me, so things will be fairly quiet here until I get back.

You will notice that I’ve been able to upload more pictures into two more albums: “Indonesia: Bali Adventures continued” and “Indonesia: Lombok and the Gili Islands.” Please enjoy! I will update photos from Singapore and of course, Nepal, when I get back.

I’m doing well and am quite excited (and nervous) for this trek. Send me some good vibes if you think of it in the next two weeks!



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